Inexpensive 2-Meter/440 mhz Ham Radio

Inexpensive 2-Meter/440 mhz Ham Radio

I decided to buy this handheld 2-meter/ 440 mhz ham radio primarily because of its low price. Initially it was kind of hard to program the various parameters to set it up for transmitting. After a few hours of programming the neat, durable ‘handy talkie’, I finally caught on to the sequences necessary to set it up with the thirty or so repeaters in my area. It’s made in China (isn’t about everything?), and very different from the major Japanese amateur radio devices which pretty much dominate the ham radio world. This little HT costs about $150 to $200 less than comparable Japanese products of this class. 

Though a bit difficult, especially for beginners, I recommend this radio. If you buy one, be patient as you learn how to program the offsets, PL tones and name tags. It may take a while but the reward is worth it.

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