“I’m Nobody Now”

I’ve done this song in video form before. This time I shot it at my son Seth’s house in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. I’m using a “Dean” acoustic guitar, which is not the easiest of my guitars to play, but it”s the only one down here. I have six Martin guitars up in New Hampshire where my favorite is a 1946 Martin 000-18. It’s a dream to play and my usual axe when I play out. But, without more words here’s the video:


Remake of “California” Video

I decided to do a remake of my original blues song, “California”. I’ve done several versions of the video in the past. This one was shot in New Smyrna Beach, Florida at my son’s house. It is played on an acoustic Dean guitar which I purchased down here a few years ago at a pawn shop. I recorded it using a Canon camcorder and then doctored it up using Final Cut Pro software, adding titles and credits.


Upcoming Book Signing Event

My Arcangel Rafael

My Arcangel Rafael

On March 14th, 2015 I will be doing a book signing for my three novels, “A Family Affair/On Love & Animals”, “A Family Affair/Forever Yours” and “As Simple Things Go By” at http://thepurplepit.com from 1-3PM at 28 Central Square in Bristol, NH. I will also have my six CDs (new one due out in about a month), available for sale and signing. My latest album has eight original songs and is called “Here I Am”.

First novel in the trilogy "A Family Affair".

First novel in the trilogy “A Family Affair”.

Second novel in the trilogy "A Family Affair".

Second novel in the trilogy “A Family Affair”.

My third novel in the trilogy "As Simple Things Go By"

My third novel in the trilogy “As Simple Things Go By”

You can check out my book website by going here. Books can be purchased there from me directly or through my publisher, Tate Publishing.

Open Mic/Peanuts’ Nuthouse

Tonight I will probably play at the New Smyrna Beach venue known as “Peanuts-Nuthouse”. The event starts at 7:00PM. Synchronicity-Front Cover-page-0 The place is a bar and restaurant near the ocean and is usually fun to play. I will play acoustic guitar and sing some of my own songs. My son, Seth, will probably go along with me as well as some local friends.

My Florida axe!

My Florida axe!

“Peanuts Nuthouse”

Last night I played at “Peanuts ” in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. I was not really ‘on’. Some gigs are like that. I just didn’t feel right. Then when it came my time to get on stage I had to bring a stool up to sit on. I almost fell getting it up on the stage. Then the girl organizing the show put the stool about two inches from the edge of the stage. I positioned myself to get ready to play but the back of the stool forced me to sit kind of forward. The result was I couldn’t sit comfortably and see the fretboard of the guitar. I have to play by looking where I am on the neck because some of my instrumental work is complicated. Anyway I struggled with songs. The amplifier was not the greatest either, putting out a crummy sound.

The experience of playing “Peanuts” was fun Sunday, but last night was a different story. I don’t think I’m going back there.

Max at Peanuts 2