“Call It Synchronicity” EPK

My electronic press kit has been prepared for those who are interested in hearing a song from my newest album or, perhaps, want to do a Press Review for this CD, or better yet want to use this music in some commercial way. The album will be released on November 18, 2014, but copies are available right now through Tate Music Group or directly from me. Here’s the link to the EPK.

“Call It Synchronicity” Electronic Press Kit”

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Synchronicity-Back Cover-page-0

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“Call It Synchronicity” Album

The production phases of my most recent CD are completed and a proof of the album should be in my hands in about a week. Once I give it the go ahead I will have about two weeks from then until I’ll have copies of this CD ready for sale. We’ve been working on this record for about four months and soon it will be ready to fly. Below are images of the album.

Synchronicity-Front Cover-page-0 Synchronicity-Back Cover-page-0 Synchronicity Disc Image-page-0

Endless Days-Sleepless Nights

I’m thinking about quitting my musical routines, such as writing lyrics, composing arrangements and recording in both audio and video modes. Music has been my main pursuit since I was in fourth grade, but I’ve never sold out. As a result I have never made much money from these musical enterprises. It’s time to move on. My Dad use to say, “Don’t give up!” But I find myself in a financial crisis now and I need to do something I can earn money from doing. Back to fly tying or book writing? I don’t know… possibly. But there doesn’t seem to be any money there either. Maybe I’ll become a poet and end up one more starving artist! Here’s my latest poem:

Endless Days/Sleepless Nights
Get yourself a routine
And don’t deviate
Jonnie on the spot scene
You anticipate.
The upcoming detours
Toward your twist of fate.
A pie in the sky’s yours
At less than its rate.
Routine stays
On God-given rights.
Endless Days
Sleepless nights.
My crosshairs are on it.
It’s right in my sites
Through endless days
And sleepless nights.
“Just what it is”?
You all must say.
Why it’s only show biz
Night and day.
No way out.
No two steps back.
Scream, jump and shout
From that pink Cadillac.

Stopping Time

Stopping Time

“Loose Strings & Things”

Today was another hot one in New Smyrna Beach. The mosquitoes were out in force around the pool. I had about ten bites on me when I came inside to enjoy the air conditioner. Seth had a number of friends come over this evening. It was kind of noisy with everyone talking at the same time. I wrote and recorded another blues tune this afternoon and then doctored it up using Final Cut Pro (one of the better movie production pieces of software). Here is the link to it… “Loose Strings & Things”. The audio is a little better than the first three videos I’ve done down here.

McPherson MG-3.5 acoustic guitar

McPherson MG-3.5 acoustic guitar

New Smyrna Beach

I’m down in Florida visiting my son, Seth MacPherson, and his fiancé, Nita. Nita is going to have a baby girl the first part of October. The weather down here is hot and humid with sporadic showers almost every day. Seth has been flying his helicopters (he has five of them). He is much better than me at flying these birds and is an excellent technician when it comes to fixing broken ones. Here’s a link to my YouTube site where the selected video starts out with me playing an original song on acoustic guitar, followed by a ten minute segment of Seth working on his 2000 Toyota Tacoma. Seth & His Tacoma. My friend, Connie Hodges, has talked me into going swimming in Seth’s pool today. I haven’t been swimming in twenty years or so. I suppose it will be a chance to cool off during our hot weather. I’ve been struggling with trying to quit smoking. Here is another original song I wrote yesterday that describes my feelings about that habit. I thought, perhaps, by writing this song it would give me incentive to get over smoking. Song about smoking

A bird I acquired about a year ago and promptly crashed. It's up in New Hampshire and needs some repair work. Hopefully, if Seth comes up to visit, he can repair it.

A bird I acquired about a year ago and promptly crashed. It’s up in New Hampshire and needs some repair work. Hopefully, if Seth comes up to visit, he can repair it.

Maxwell MacPherson’s Salmon Flies


Maxwell MacPherson’s Salmon Flies

My new and improved Atlantic Salmon Fly website. I’ve made some changes and added a bunch more of flies to the site. The flies pictured on this link are for sale in one, two and three fly frames. The one fly frames are $75, the two fly frames are $100 and the three fly frames are $120. If you are interested you can email me at maxflies222@gmail.com