“Lil’s Lullaby”

This is a song I wrote about a year ago dedicated to my granddaughter Lil. She spent the first three months of her life in the hospital. She had a great deal of trouble eating and breathing at the same time. She is almost five now, and though a bit developmentally disabled, has a very sweet spirit. I hope you can feel the emotion I have for this little girl by listening to my song.

Lil’s Lullaby

“All I Have Is Music”

A couple days ago I wrote and recorded a new song called “All I Have Is Music”. It tells my personal story of running out of money, but still retaining my ability to write and play music. I don’t usually write lyrics that are revealing of my innermost feelings and parts of my life that are not known to most of my readers. The song is composed in E-Minor on an acoustic McPherson MG-3.5 guitar.


When I was about eleven years old my brother gave me a book on cryptograms for a Christmas present. I had fun studying the various procedures for breaking codes. I dropped the pursuit until about a week ago, when I rekindled my association with code decrypting. It is a very satisfying hobby and one that grows on you as you become involved with it. Here is the cryptogram site I’ve been working on. Caution: cryptograms can be very addictive!

Elecraft KX3 & PX3 Amateur Radio

I recently sent my Elecraft KX3 HF transceiver to California to have some adjustments made. This ham radio is made in the USA. Most of the high end amateur radios are made in Japan. I am thinking about buying a pan adapter PX3 to go with the KX3. This is a video producer for tracking adjacent frequencies while communicating on a specific frequency. It also decodes Morse code and reads it as text on the video screen (PX3). You can also send Morse code in text form using an attached keyboard (computer). Here is a URL where you can learn more about the Elecraft KX3 and PX3. This ham setup can be run as a base station, mobile or remote station using a portable antenna such as a Buddipole portable antenna Check it out. It’s a barrel of fun!

“Here I Am”

This is the title of my new album of which I received the Final Proof yesterday. I okayed the music and artwork this morning, so now

A collection of original songs played on a variety of instruments.

A collection of original songs played on a variety of instruments.

it’s on to the Marketing Phase. I should have copies in about a week. Listeners can buy directly from me or through my recording company Tate Music Group.

“Just Another Rhyme”

That’s the title of a song I wrote yesterday. I had some musical riffs together that were very pleasing to me and today I meshed the lyrics with the composition. It’s a love song, pure and simple. I don’t often write lyrics this way. The girl this song is meant for does not really exist. I did not have anyone in mind when I wrote the words. I like the finished product, but apparently only one person has listened to it. At least that’s what the hit counter says. Anyway, here’s the video I shot of it earlier today down in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

“I’m Nobody Now”

I’ve done this song in video form before. This time I shot it at my son Seth’s house in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. I’m using a “Dean” acoustic guitar, which is not the easiest of my guitars to play, but it”s the only one down here. I have six Martin guitars up in New Hampshire where my favorite is a 1946 Martin 000-18. It’s a dream to play and my usual axe when I play out. But, without more words here’s the video:


Remake of “California” Video

I decided to do a remake of my original blues song, “California”. I’ve done several versions of the video in the past. This one was shot in New Smyrna Beach, Florida at my son’s house. It is played on an acoustic Dean guitar which I purchased down here a few years ago at a pawn shop. I recorded it using a Canon camcorder and then doctored it up using Final Cut Pro software, adding titles and credits.